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Urethane Rubber

Used for hundreds of industrial and art-related applications, urethane rubbers are easy to use and exhibit good wear resistance. They can be poured, brushed on or sprayed onto most prepared surfaces and cure with negligible shrinkage. They are economical, reproduce exceptional detail and are best suited for production casting of concrete, gypsum and wax.

Urethane Rubber

>Brush-On™ Series

"Brushable" Urethane Mold Rubber Compounds.

>EZ-Mix® 40

One to one liquid brushable urethane rubber.

>Econ® 60

1A:1B mix ratio lower cost Shore 60A urethane rubber.

>Econ® 80

1A:1B mix ratio lower cost Shore 80A urethane rubber.

>ReoFlex™ Series

These liquid rubbers will meet the stringent demands of production casting of wax, plasters and resins


Flexible Urethane Coating


"V-Polymer" urethane rubber perfect for casting concrete

PMC Series

>PMC®-121 Series

Easy to mix and easy to pour for applications from mold making to special effects to electrical encapsulation.


By far the most versatile flexible mold compound available. PMC®-724 PUTS YOU IN CONTROL!


Excellent for making molds that are strong, durable and dimensionally stable. Developed for the Hobby/Ceramics field.


Shore 60A urethane rubber developed to make molds for casting gypsum plasters


Well-suited for industrial applications including gaskets and pulleys, shock pads and production use with cements, hard plasters, fiberglass resins and epoxies


Designed to meet the most stringent requirements of industrial applications. You can't get a tougher rubber anywhere!


Very hard rubber that offers superior tear and tensile strength as well as impact and abrasion resistance for industrial and mechanical applications.

Specialty Urethane Rubbers

>Clear Flex™ Series

Flexible rubbers that are water clear and UV Resistant.

>Compat™ 45

Unique urethane mold rubber which will not inhibit the cure of most Smooth-On platinum or tin cure silicone rubbers.

>EZ-Spray® 45

Sprayable, durable urethane mold rubber which allows for casting a variety of materials.

>KX Flex™

Fast setting two-component urethanes that cure quickly to semi-rigid, highly impact resistant elastomer.

>Simpact® 60A & 85A

Tough, impact-resistant urethane available in 60A & 85A hardness