Candle Making

From the largest international candle making shops to home hobbyists, Reynolds carries both urethane and silicone mold rubbers used to make custom molds for casting wax.  Using mold rubber to make a candle mold offers you many possibilities not possible with rigid candle molds.  Silicone rubber can withstand very high temperatures and is very flexible, while urethane rubber offers a cost effective solution for production wax casting.  Both materials perform very well for repeated cycling of molds.

[Image of materials being used in the Candle Making application.][Image of materials being used in the Candle Making application.]

Popular Products

Mold Star 15, 16 & 30

1A:1B mix by volume, low viscosity platinum liquid silicone rubbers. No vacuum degassing needed.


Excellent for making molds that are strong, durable and dimensionally stable. Developed for the Hobby/Ceramics field.


Easy to use silicone rubber compounds that feature convenient one-to-one by volume mix ratios (no scale necessary) and Low viscosity - vacuum degassing is not necessary