Colorants and Fillers

Choose from numerous colorants made especially for urethanes, epoxies and silicones to let the user color any creation. Fillers are often added to casting resins to change the properties of the plastic, lower the weight or achieve a variety of finishes including metal, stone, porcelain, marble, wood, etc.

[Image of Colorants and Fillers][Image of Colorants and Fillers]


Ignite Fluorescent Pigments

Fluorescent pigment for plastic, rubber, and foam

Silc Pig Silicone Pigments

Used for coloring Smooth-On tin and platinum cure silicones

Silc Pig Electric Fluorescent Pigments

Fluorescent pigments used for coloring tin-cure and platinum-cure silicone rubber compounds

So-Strong Color Tints

Concentrated tints for coloring urethane materials


UV-Resistant Colorants for epoxy, urethane rubber, plastic or foam.


Cast Magic Powders

A new and easy way to add an endless variety of bright metallic, glitter & color effects to finished castings.


UV Glow Translucent Liquid Additive for Urethanes and Silicones.

Glow Worm

Long Lasting Phosphorescent, Glow-in-the-Dark Powders

Metal Powders

Add to resin to create metal cold casting effects

Quarry Tone

Powders used to create realistic stone effects in finished plastic or rubber castings

URE-FIL Fillers

Fillers for thickening or modifying urethane rubber and resin