Colorants, Paints, and Fillers

Choose from numerous colorants made especially for urethanes, epoxies and silicones to let the user color any creation. Industrial-grade scenic design paints are highly abrasion/scratch resistant, UV lightfast and weather resistant. Fillers are often added to casting resins to change the properties of the plastic, lower the weight or achieve a variety of finishes including metal, stone, porcelain, marble, wood, etc.

[Image of Colorants, Paints, and Fillers][Image of Colorants, Paints, and Fillers]


Ignite Fluorescent Pigments

Fluorescent pigment for plastic, rubber, and foam

Silc Pig Silicone Pigments

Used for coloring Smooth-On tin and platinum cure silicones

Silc Pig Electric Fluorescent Pigments

Fluorescent pigments used for coloring tin-cure and platinum-cure silicone rubber compounds

So-Strong Color Tints

Concentrated tints for coloring urethane materials


UV-Resistant Colorants for epoxy, urethane rubber, plastic or foam.


Maker Pro Paint

Scenic design paint system of industrial-grade paints. No-VOC, water based acrylic-urethanes.


Cast Magic Powders

A new and easy way to add an endless variety of bright metallic, glitter & color effects to finished castings.


UV Glow Translucent Liquid Additive for Urethanes and Silicones.

Glow Worm

Long Lasting Phosphorescent, Glow-in-the-Dark Powders

Metal Powders

Add to resin to create metal cold casting effects

Quarry Tone

Powders used to create realistic stone effects in finished plastic or rubber castings

URE-FIL Fillers

Fillers for thickening or modifying urethane rubber and resin

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