Rubbers, plastics, foams, epoxies, Matrix products and other materials Reynolds carries have exceptional physical and mechanical properties that make them suitable for a variety of industrial and military applications.

Urethanes, Silicones and Polysulfides available in hardnesses ranging from softer than your skin to harder than a car tire and everything in between.

Urethane Plastics – From the general purpose “Smooth-Cast” resin line to the specialty “TASK” performance urethane plastic line and castable epoxies, there are many industrial plastic products to choose from.

Rigid & Flexible Foams – Easy to use, premium formulations with premium physical and performance properties compared to commercially available “packing” foams.

Epoxy Adhesives – Reynolds supplies all major automobile manufacturers worldwide, every airline in the world, all branches of the US Military and thousands of industrial customers. These are not adhesives that you can find at the hardware store and offer exceptional bonding properties for a variety of industrial applications.


[Image of materials being used in the Industrial application.][Image of materials being used in the Industrial application.]

Popular Products

TASK 2 & 3

Low viscosity, high performance white casting resins

EpoxAcast 655

Aluminum filled casting epoxy

EpoxAcast 670 HT

High temperature castable epoxy

Metalset A4

Powerful aluminum filled epoxy adhesive which offers excellent adhesion to porous or non-porous surfaces


Very hard rubber that offers superior tear and tensile strength as well as impact and abrasion resistance for industrial and mechanical applications.


Semi-rigid urethane resin that offers extreme handling strength and impact resistance


Two-component water blown rigid liquid foams that are versatile and easy to use.