Modified Gypsums and Additives

Alpha gypsum additives make gypsum far stronger and more weather resistant. Forton and Matrix products can be cast solid or make lightweight architectural elements and sculpture castings by reinforcing with glass fiber that are suitable for outdoor display. A variety of casting effects are possible including marble, metal, stone and more.

[Image of Modified Gypsums and Additives][Image of Modified Gypsums and Additives]


Forton MG

A unique combination of high-strength alpha hemi-hydrate gypsum with water based polymer chemistry.

Forton MG Starter Kit

Starter kit includes components to use the Forton® MG modified gypsum system.

duoMatrix Systems

Matrix Dryve™

Versatile all-powder polymer modified gypsum system that certifies to the highest flame rating (UL-94V-O / ASTM E-84 - Class A)

duoMatrix NEO

Flame rated, easy to use, versatile polymer modified gypsum system that has superior physical and performance properties.


Flame rated polymer additive system for alpha gypsums that greatly enhances physical and performance properties.