Epoxies – Casting Resins

Epoxy resins are used for a variety of industrial applications and are generally stronger than other resins, offering superior physical and performance properties including higher heat resistance. Casting resins are used for making impact tooling or fixtures and are also used for encapsulating and potting applications.

[Image of Epoxies – Casting Resins][Image of Epoxies – Casting Resins]

Casting Epoxies

EpoxAcast 650 and EpoxAcast 650 BLACK

Mineral filled general purpose casting epoxy

EpoxAcast 655

Aluminum filled casting epoxy

EpoxAcast 670 HT

High temperature castable epoxy

EpoxAcast 690 and 692 Deep Pour

UV resistant clear casting epoxy resins

Habitat Cast N Coat

Flame rated epoxy that can be cast solid or thickened for brushing on / troweling on to vertical surfaces.