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EpoxAcast® 690

UV Resistant Clear Casting Epoxy

EpoxAcast® 690 is a clear casting epoxy that is ideal for making clear jewelry/beads or replacement lenses for kit cars and other applications requiring a rigid, clear finished product. EpoxAcast® 690 can be colored with UVO® UV resistant colorants or Ignite® fluorescent pigments. A variety of bright metallic, glitter & color effects can be achieved by adding Cast Magic® Powders. EpoxAcast® 690 is also suitable for making clear molds and prototype parts.


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EpoxAcast 690
Clear castable epoxy - MIX RATIO: 100A: 30B; POT LIFE: 5 hours; CURE TIME: 24 hours; COLOR: Clear WARNING: Prop 65 NoticeWARNING: Known to the state of CA to cause cancer, birth defects or reproductive harm -
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alertA release agent is required to remove epoxy from most surfaces.
alertThis material has a by-weight mix ratio. An accurate gram scale is recommended.