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Food Related

The possibilities for casting food when using a food-safe silicone rubber are nearly endless. Chocolate is a very popular confection to mold. High temperature candy can be poured directly into a silicone mold, as can water for ice sculptures. Pressing fondant into a silicone mold can produce very high detail cake ornamentation. Food grade silicone has even been used to make molds for baking breads and cakes!

Click here to read a detailed technical bulletin on using these materials for food applications.

Popular Products

> SORTA-Clear™ Series

Premium water white translucent silicones which cure at room temperature to a very clear rubber

> Smooth-Sil™ Series

Versatile room temperature curing platinum silicones available in many different hardnesses.

> Equinox® Mold Putty

Food safe, easy to use, mix and apply-by-hand platinum silicone mold putty

> TASK® 11

Semi-rigid resin which is suitable for dry food applications