Gypsums and Plaster

These USG products will meet your casting or mold making gypsum and plaster needs. They are the industry standard for figurines, plaques, and lamp bases and are noted for outstanding performance and long life. For high-quality novelty and statuary castings that require extremely hard surfaces, or for general purpose applications requiring a soft plaster, “plaster of Paris”, you can find it here. We also have super-strength gypsum cement that offers the lowest expansion of any rapid-setting gypsum cement available.

[Image of Gypsums and Plaster][Image of Gypsums and Plaster]

USG Gypsums


Recommended for producing high-quality novelty and statuary castings requiring extremely hard surfaces

Hydrocal FGR-95

Fast-setting alpha gypsum cement designed for strong, resilient glass-reinforced product fabrication

Hydrocal White

A great utility gypsum cement offering higher strengths than typical plaster products

No. 1 Casting Plaster

Ideal for hollow and solid casting applications to create figurines, moldings and plaques

No. 1 Moulding Plaster

An ornamental plaster used for creating decorative trim or running cornices

No. 1 Pottery Plaster

A superior plaster for casting decorative ceramicware, sanitaryware, dinnerware and fine china.

UltraCal 30

Industrial Gypsum Cement for Tooling Applications