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Latex Rubber

Liquid latex mold making materials and supplies have been a primary component in the creation of ornamental concrete, brick veneer, stone veneer, candle making, mask making, and architectural restoration.

The unique properties of liquid latex have also found their way into areas such as body painting and the creation of latex appliances for special effects and mask making.

Mold Making Latex


Brushable mold making latex that is vulcanizable, low viscosity. Featuring high wear resistance and low shrinkage.

>HX-974™ White

White Brushable Mold Making Latex is a vulcanizable, high viscosity latex made especially for vertical surface applications.

Casting Latex


HX-200 Coating/Dipping Latex is a pre-vulcanized, low viscosity liquid that is widely used for different types of dipping/coating applications and is good for making thin, stretchy skins.


A commercial grade, high viscosity, natural latex casting, and mask-making compound


Pre-vulcanized high-viscosity brushable coating and casting latex

Specialty Latex

>HX-Body Latex™

Premium grade Natural Liquid Latex product for painting directly on the body.

>HX-Cosmetic Latex™

Natural latex compound that can be used to create blemishes, burns, cuts, wounds, wrinkles and similar skin effects

>HX-Frisket Masking Latex™

Removable liquid latex masking fluid.

>HX-Injection Medium™

Laboratory grade latex injection medium used in identifying blood vessels.