College Seminars

Reynolds Advanced Materials offers no-cost IN-PERSON or ZOOM seminars to colleges & universities. Students will learn how rubbers, plastics, foams, gypsums, and other materials are used for a variety of applications including:

• Mold Making and Casting • Model Making • Movie Special FX • Robotics • Prototyping & Inventing • Medical Simulation • Theatrical Props • Culinary Molds • Sculpture Reproduction • Themed Environments • 3D Printing & Industrial Parts

This is interactive learning at its best which includes hands-on material demonstrations and instruction in a two hour presentation. Students questions are always encouraged.

Students learn what mold making and casting can mean for their projects now and in the future. We cover how these materials are used for an endless variety of applications and best practices when using materials for success.

Colleges / Universities that regularly participate in our program include:
• University of Illinois • DePaul University • Pratt Institute • University of Texas • California State • Harvard • M.I.T. • Syracuse University • Wake Forest • UMass • University of North Carolina • Drexel • Yale • EI School of Professional Makeup • Stanford • Columbia • Rhode Island School of Design • UCLA • UConn • Art Institute of Hollywood • NYU • Wentworth Institute of Technology

A Limited Number of College Presentations Available Each Semester on a First Come, First Serve Basis.

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