News and Community Spotlights

Jurassic Merman Productions: How Wesley Croft Turned His Mermaid Passion into a Career

Wesley Croft, founder of Jurassic Merman Productions, has transformed his lifelong passion for mermaids into a thriving business. Wesley's journey began with a love for sculpting and art, a hobby that provided solace, especially after a car accident left him with spinal injuries. Swimming, particularly as a merman, became a therapeutic outlet for him, blending his interests in free diving and mermaids. (read more)

The Creative Journey of Selman Markovic and Shadow Studio FX

Selman Markovic has over 12 years of experience in the special effects industry. His journey began with a simple desire to create a Batman™ costume for Halloween. Today, he's turned this hobby into a thriving small business. His impressive mold library, nearing 300 items, possibly constitutes the largest collection of Batman™ costumes and cowls. Selman's portfolio also includes creations like Ahsoka Tano headdresses, Grinch™ mask prosthetics, Ninja Turtle™ suits, and many more. (read more)

Epic Cosplay Creations by Dovah Design

Sam Geist, owner of Dovah Design, is an imaginative cosplayer and propmaker who epitomizes the essence of learning through doing. Her cosplay journey, sparked by the enchanting realms of the video game Skyrim in 2014, rapidly transitioned from experimenting with basic materials like Worbla, expanding foam, and EVA to mastering the art of mold making and casting. (read more)

The Curious Silicone Sculptures Of Sam Barnett

Sam Barnett is an animator, sculptor, and artist whose work is primarily made using silicone materials. Sam creates unique silicone sculptures which gained momentum with the creation of his “All-Seeing Lemon”, who can “see all things in all places in all times”. (read more)

Clockwork Carousel Creations Hosts Successful Material Workshops at Metrocon 2022

Reynolds - Orlando customer Clockwork Carousel Creations has been hosting panels at conventions since 2012. Over the years their skills have grown to include special FX makeup, prosthetics, silicone molds, and resin casting. Their panels focus mainly on advanced materials classes including silicone mold making and making resin water effects. (read more)

Reynolds-Phoenix Cosplay Panel at Phoenix Fan Fusion

Reynolds - Phoenix did an outstanding job spearheading an engaging and enlightening Cosplay Panel at the Phoenix Fan Fusion event held over the weekend with over 80 enthusiastic attendees. (read more)

Customer Spotlight – Scenery First

Allentown – We have our spotlight on Scenery First, a Philadelphia company that manufactures scenery, displays, and event décor. The company was recently approached to create pieces for the Museum of the American Revolution located in Philadelphia, PA. We caught up with Jack Doyle the company’s founder for an inside look at the exhibit and for a quick Q&A about creating and recreating museum pieces. (read more)

Habitat Tree Bark Cup Tutorial by Reynolds Phoenix

In this gallery, The staff at Reynolds Phoenix shows step by step how they created a faux tree bark cup using Smooth-On‘s new Habitat epoxy putty! (read more)