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November 6, 202010:00 am - 4:00 pm Dallas, TX $75.00 Per Person
November 7, 202010:30 am - 2:30 pm Atlanta, GA $95.00 Per Person
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Community Stories

Special Effects Artist Mario Torres Creates Unique Masks During COVID-19

Posted on 8/3/20

Mario Torres, along with many other artists that work in the film industry had their work almost come to a halt when the COVID-19 crisis struck. Mario has been creating special makeup effects for over 26 years as a sculptor, painter, and art director for major effects studios such as Stan Winston Studios, Legacy Effects, and Rick Baker’s Cinovation (read more)

Prehistoric Brewing Opens Up With An LED Tarbender Bartop

Posted on 7/7/20

Prehistoric Brewing in Springfield, MO fabricates a fantastic bartop using Tarbender™ high gloss epoxy coating and encapsulant. Crushed glass and LED lighting was encapsulated to create the appearance of a lava flow running through the bar. (read more)

Karen Wang Casts Gorgeous Crystal Clear Resin Dice

Posted on 7/7/20

Karen Wang is the creator of Dispel Dice, the highest-funded dice Kickstarter to date. She uses resin to create beautiful, unique sharp-edged dice with high clarity and inclusions. (read more)

Artist Tom Coffin Creates Elaborate Dioramas with EpoxAcast™ 690

Posted on 6/18/20

Tom Coffin is a veteran when it comes to using Smooth-On materials. Since the 70’s he has been using rubber compounds, resins, GFRC, GFRG and other various casting materials for his historic restoration company in New York City which was one of the first companies to utilize GFRC in historic restoration. During his career Tom was a production manager at fine art bronze foundry which utilized Smooth-On rubbers to cast lost wax molds. (read more)

Cruces Creatives Produces Over 1,500 Face Shields For Medical Personnel

Posted on 6/11/20

Reynolds – Phoenix customer Cruces Creatives, a non-profit public makerspace and custom fabrication job shop located in Las Cruces, NM is a 12,000 square foot facility that covers woodworking, CNC milling, laser cutting, 3D printing, mold making and casting, and much more to accommodate for creatives. They have helped organizations from prototype to pilot production and run STEAM education programs from grades 4th to college students. (read more)

Sculptures that Look Good Enough To Eat

Posted on 11/19/19

Walking through the Hartsfield Jackson International Airport, between Gates T12 and T16 you might stumble across a stacked collage of rainbow ice cream melting right off the cones. In fact, this is not ice cream at all, but the work of artist and sculptor Jourdan Joly. (read more)

Customer Spotlight – Systematic Manufacturing

Posted on 10/17/19

Located in Sterling Heights, Michigan, Systematic Manufacturing specializes in production CNC milling and turning as well as designing and building ergonomic assemblies and machines. They also create prototypes of various machine components and assemblies. (read more)