News and Community Spotlights

The Mystifying Miniatures of DrakenStone

Since 2016, Andy Schiller has been the sole proprietor and sculptor for DrakenStone, LLC, located in Tecumseh, MI. Also known as The Original Dungeon Artist, Andy creates miniature architecture and figures for table-top roleplaying games. This includes Castles, Forts, Cathedrals, and entire medieval towns. (read more)

Reynolds - Denver Hosts Their July Basics Of Moldmaking and Casting Seminar

The Denver Reynolds Advanced Materials location hosted their July seminar on the basics of moldmaking and casting for a full house of attendees. During the seminar, attendees learned about the different types of materials Reynolds offers, types of molds, and how to create them. (read more)

The Curious Silicone Sculptures Of Sam Barnett

Sam Barnett is an animator, sculptor, and artist whose work is primarily made using silicone materials. Sam creates unique silicone sculptures which gained momentum with the creation of his “All-Seeing Lemon”, who can “see all things in all places in all times”. (read more)

Mr. Stubbs the Alligator Receives New Tail Thanks To Materials from Reynolds – Phoenix

Have you heard of Mr. Stubbs? Mr. Stubbs is a 13-year-old alligator that was born without a tail. He currently lives at the Phoenix Herpetological Society, under the care of Debbie Gibson, Vice President of the non-profit organization. (read more)

Theodore Roosevelt – Rides Again

Reynolds Advanced Materials in Dallas has a behind the scenes look at the new addition to the Roosevelt High School in Washington, D.C. (read more)

Shawn Farrow Creates High Quality Shoe Sculptures With the Help of Reynolds-Seattle

Reynolds – Seattle customer Shawn Farrow has always had a desire to sculpt with clay and creates custom sculptures of various Nike Sneakers. People refer to sneakers as “Wearable Art”, but Shawn wanted to create genuine art pieces of the same designs. (read more)

Habitat Tree Bark Cup Tutorial by Reynolds Phoenix

In this gallery, The staff at Reynolds Phoenix shows step by step how they created a faux tree bark cup using Smooth-On‘s new Habitat epoxy putty! (read more)

Customer Spotlight – Scenery First

Allentown – We have our spotlight on Scenery First, a Philadelphia company that manufactures scenery, displays, and event décor. The company was recently approached to create pieces for the Museum of the American Revolution located in Philadelphia, PA. We caught up with Jack Doyle the company’s founder for an inside look at the exhibit and for a quick Q&A about creating and recreating museum pieces. (read more)