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Shawn Farrow Creates High Quality Shoe Sculptures With the Help of Reynolds-Seattle

Reynolds – Seattle customer Shawn Farrow has always had a desire to sculpt with clay and creates custom sculptures of various Nike Sneakers. People refer to sneakers as “Wearable Art”, but Shawn wanted to create genuine art pieces of the same designs. (read more)

Juli Art Studio Uses Mold Star™ Series Platinum Silicone To Create One-Of-A-Kind Holographic Molds

Washington based artist and Reynolds-Seattle customer Juli is an artist who specializes in an array of different mediums including portraits, fluid art and silicone mold design. During the Covid-19 pandemic Juli began making her artwork public through the use of an online store under the name Juli Art Studio, where she offers her handmade one-of-a-kind artworks to art lovers everywhere.

(read more)

Mel Miller Uses Smooth-Cast™ 325 To Create Unique Equine Art

Reynolds-Seattle customer Mel Miller creates custom and original sculptures of horses no matter what the breed or discipline.  Mel has made it her life’s work studying horse anatomy, color, behavior the myriad of breed types and activities while experimenting with different materials and methods of creating to provide the most realistic and unique pieces possible. (read more)

Prop Art Studio Creates Detailed Dinosaur Sculptures Using Free Form™ Sculpt

Prop Art Studio, an award-winning, full service industrial commercial art studio in Detroit, MI has been in business for over 34 years. The studio sculpts and renders larger than life 3D props for custom signs, billboards, trade shows, branding, full body costumes, and permanent displays for exterior and interior locations. (read more)

Reynolds – Detroit Customer Suzanne M. Young’s Refined Mold Process Creates Beautiful Results

Reynolds – Detroit customer and artist Suzanne M. Young has been creating original religious sculptures for churches, hospitals, and schools throughout the United States and Canada since 1978. (read more)

Artist Myra Clark Creates “The Slow Regard of Hidden Things” With The Help Of Reynolds – Seattle

Myra Clark, an abstract and multi-media artist from Portland, Oregon, was looking to create molds and cast pillars as part of her new body of work “The Slow Regard of Hidden Things.” Yet, she had never made a mold or done any casting before and came to Reynolds-Seattle to consult on the best process and materials for the project. (read more)

Reynolds – Allentown Receives A New Alien From Arcana Workshop

Reynolds Advanced Materials customer Arcana Workshop has been in the fabrication business since 2015 and has worked on an array of unique displays, sculptures and custom fabrications including three full sized Alien displays for Smooth-On and Reynolds Advanced Materials. (read more)

Ashley Flowers Turns a Bathroom Floor Into a Beautiful Beach Scene

Reynolds – Burbank customer Ashley Flowers usually spends her time creating props for theater and film.  Ashley has been using Smooth-On materials as her go-to product line when creating her props and personal projects. (read more)

Five Ton Monkey Fabrication Shop Uses Smooth-On Materials to Create Face Shield Machine

Five Ton Monkey, a fabrication shop located in Albuquerque, NM usually spends their time fabricating props, set pieces and elements for immersive environments and various objects for the film industry.  However, when COVID-19 started to play a major part in everyone’s daily lives they took the time to produce face shields which would protect essential workers. (read more)

Prehistoric Brewing Opens Up With An LED Tarbender Bartop

Prehistoric Brewing in Springfield, MO fabricates a fantastic bartop using Tarbender™ high gloss epoxy coating and encapsulant. Crushed glass and LED lighting was encapsulated to create the appearance of a lava flow running through the bar. (read more)