Reynolds Advanced Materials offers several popular seminars that cover the basics of moldmaking and casting, as well as life casting, and a series of informal get togethers to cover some of the more industry or material specific applications our customers are interested in. We often use slides, video and demonstrations of various techniques and materials to maximize your learning experience.

Basics of Mold Making and Casting

These full-day seminars will cover the basics of moldmaking and casting. We use slides, lectures and demonstrations of various techniques and materials to maximize your learning experience. Questions about your projects are welcome. Reynolds provides lunch and light refreshments. Due to the popularity of our seminars, slots are booked on a first-paid, first-in basis. Class size will not be increased.


Introduction to Lifecasting and Skin F/X

Making realistic skin effects for the big screen starts with capturing perfect detail from a live model and finishing with materials that let you reproduce that detail perfectly. You will learn how to create astonishingly real skin effects using Dragon Skin, Psycho Paint, Slacker and other cutting edge materials. Take your life casting / skin effects skills to the next level.


Materials Spotlight™ Series

Our Materials Spotlight™ series is an informal get together of people who want to know more about materials and processes. It won’t take long and our goal is to educate. You will meet people just like you and we often get contributions from industry pros that add value to the conversation. We welcome any and all comments.


College Seminars

We offer no-cost mold making and casting seminars to select colleges/universities. Students will be introduced to a new world of material possibility and how rubbers, plastics, foams, gypsums, etc. are used for a variety of applications. Limited availability per semester. Class size minimums apply.


RAM FAN Events

Free events which are open to the public. Join us for food, beverages, demonstrations and fun! Join Your Friends And Colleagues. Meet People With Similar Interests. Learn About New Materials. From Novice To Pro, All Are Welcome. Demonstrations Will Be Ongoing.