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Tools and Equipment

Reynolds Advanced Materials carries a vast assortment of equipment and tools for mold making, casting, and sculpting applications. You will also find consumables, one time use items, such as stirring sticks and chip brushes. We carry gram scales, latex-free gloves, even meter-mix and spray systems that make large projects a breeze. If you don’t see an item listed give us a call and also check out the linecard, available for download, of your local Reynolds branch which you can find on our Locations page.


>Chip Brushes

Disposable brushes for applying mold rubber, etc.

>Latex-Free Gloves

For protecting your hands when working with resin and rubber

>Mixing Containers

Disposable, graduated mixing containers for mixing rubber, resin, etc.

>Static Mixers

Used along with a dispensing gun to mix material in 200 ml., 400 ml., or 1500 ml. cartridges as it is dispensed

>Stir Sticks

Disposable wooden stir sticks for mixing rubber and resin


>Aluminum Pail Opener

Easily open and re-seal 1 gallon and 5 gallon plastic pails.


These black aprons are embroidered with the Reynolds Advanced Materials logo.

>Digital Gram Scale

Used for accurate measurement of material mix ratios

>Dispensing Guns

For Dispensing 2-Component Material in 200ml and 400ml Cartridges

>EZ-Spray® Jr Gun

Spray system for spraying 1500 ml cartridges of EZ~Spray® coating, mold making and casting materials.

>Kwikee® Sprayer

Non-Aerosol Sprayer for applying a fine mist of sealers or release agents

>Pressure Chamber

Versatile chamber for pressure casting of liquid rubber and plastic.

>Turbine Mixer

Mechanical mixer designed for mixing rubbers, plastics, foams, alginate and gypsum

>Vacuum Chambers

For removing air from high viscosity materials like silicone rubber before pouring