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Dispensing Guns

For Dispensing 2-Component Material in Cartridges

Dispensing guns hold Body Double®, Dragon Skin®, and Ecoflex® 400 ml cartridges and dispense the Parts A & B through a static mixing tube. Squeeze the handles of the manual gun or choose the convenience of pulling the trigger on the electric gun for 400 ml cartridges. The electric gun is excellent for frequent molders and larger projects.


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400mL Manual Dispensing Gun
Dispenses 400 ml. cartridges of mold rubber with squeeze of handle.
Look Closer Each n/a $64.44
400mL Electric Dispensing Gun
Rechargable electric dispensing gun for 400 ml. cartridges. Excellent for frequent molders and larger projects.
Look Closer Each n/a $441.00

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