Special Effects & Props

Whether you are looking to create a silicone mask or makeup appliance or produce soft foam stunt props, Reynolds has the materials and knowledge to help. The Dragon Skin and Ecoflex silicones carried by Reynolds are industry standard skin F/X materials along with Skin Tite for amazing makeup build up effects. We have a huge variety of castable foams for prop creation, resins for costuming and prop casting and even stock materials for creating breakaway props!

[Image of materials being used in the Special Effects & Props application.][Image of materials being used in the Special Effects & Props application.]

Popular Products

Dragon Skin FX-Pro

High performance platinum silicone rubber designed for creating silicone makeup appliances and skin effects.

Ecoflex GEL and GEL 2

Extremely soft, platinum silicone rubber gel designed for applications requiring a very soft silicone material.

Skin Tite

Skin-safe silicone rubber for making FX appliances directly on the skin

SMASH! Plastic

Optically clear and UV resistant breakaway casting resin

TASK 13 & 14

Black semi-rigid high strength urethane casting resins


Premium quality water blown flexible foams that can be used for a variety of industrial, special effects and art & crafts and projects.