Sculpting Clays and Epoxies

Reynolds Advanced Materials offers a variety of Modeling Clays and Sculpting Accessories for the discerning artist. Whether you’re venturing into your first sculpting project or you’re an experienced sculptor, we can supply you with the necessary tools and materials to get the job done.

[Image of Sculpting Clays and Epoxies][Image of Sculpting Clays and Epoxies]

Sculpting Epoxy

Free Form AIR

Extremely lightweight epoxy putty suitable for an infinite variety of industrial and art-related applications.

Free Form AIR FAST

Extremely lightweight epoxy putty that offers fast handling time. 1A:1B by volume mix ratio.

Free Form Habitat Black

Mix-by-hand putty that is used to create textured or highly detailed display pieces

Free Form Habitat Fire Safe

Mix-by-hand putty that is used to create textured or highly detailed display pieces

Free Form Habitat Flex FR

Flame Rated Flexible Mix & Apply-By-Hand Epoxy Dough

Free Form SCULPT

Extremely hard and durable high density epoxy sculpting dough-Crystalline Silica Free

Chavant Sculpting Clay - Sulfur Free

Chavant Alien Clay

One of the most versatile clays available (sculpt, brush on, trowel on or pour) allowing for quick build-up and sculpting perfect detail.


Strength and light weight hard clay that allows sculpting without a wire armature in many cases.

Chavant Clayette

Non-hardening, odor free, flexible without being sticky. It has a very smooth silky surface texture.

Chavant Fill-It

Clay used by mold makers to seal mold boxes, build dams, set parting lines/shims and repair cracks.

Chavant Jolly King

Wax base clay that produces a smooth, pliable, non-hardening modeling material.

Chavant Le Beau Touché

Extremely smooth, flexible and tacky sculpting Fine Art Plasteline with exceptional adhesive quality.

Chavant Contour™ Clay

Non-hardening, tack-free, odor-free, and flexible clay that can be applied to a CNC foam armature by brush.

Chavant NSP

Globally well-accepted non sulfur modeling clay used by the Special Effects and Fine Arts industries.

Chavant Sculptex

Non-toxic, non hardening sulfur-free modeling clay

Chavant Y2 Klay

Industrial Styling Clays for three-dimensional design studies. Medium – Hard Firmness.

Chavant Sculpting Clay - Sulfur Based

Chavant DaVinci

Clay with an exceptionally soft, smooth surface.

Chavant Professional Plasteline

Commonly used for sculpture, to fill cracks in industrial patterns or to build dams when making splash molds

Chavant Renaissance

Sulfur based modeling clay used by fine art sculptors since the 1920's. (formerly ROMA Plastilina)