Free Form Detailer

Sculpting Enhancement Fluid for Free Form® SCULPT

Free Form® Detailer is a low viscosity liquid that makes adding details and detail effects to the surface of Free Form® SCULPT Epoxy Putty easy. Free Form® Detailer enhances sculpting precision which allows you to quickly integrate dynamic strokes, fine lines, minute, and repeating texture details (such as hair, fur, or feathering). With Free Form® Detailer You can also smooth, stamp, extrude, etc. Unlike water or general purpose solvents, Free Form® Detailer does not leave a chalky residue on uncured or cured epoxy and does not affect paint adhesion.

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Free Form Detailer

Smooths the surface and aids in shaping Free Form Sculpt.
2 ounce 0.1 lb. 551824
Pint Unit 0.8 lb. 15952386
Gallon Unit 6.4 lbs. 48257218
5 Gallon Unit 32 lbs. 2095031341

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