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State of the art techniques in specimen creation involve the use of innovative silicone and urethane rubbers, plastics, foams, and pigments to create reproductions of fish, reptiles, waterfowl and game. Our wide variety of mold making and casting materials is well known to taxidermists nationwide. Reynolds also has the material knowledge to help you create your most innovative and dynamic displays.

Popular Products

> Alja-Safe®

Perfect for making single-use molds of the face, hands and other body parts.

> Smooth-Cast® 320 Series

Ultra low viscosity, 1:1 mix ratio off-white casting resins

> Foam-iT!™

Two-component water blown rigid liquid foams that are versatile and easy to use.

> Mold Max™ Series

High performance tin-catalyzed liquid silicone rubbers in Shore Hardnesses from 10A - 40A