Crystalline Silica-Free Alginate

Alja-Safe® is the world’s first alginate that does not contain crystalline silica (a known carcinogen). Alja-Safe® is perfect for making single-use molds of the face, hands and other body parts. Alja-Safe® is easy to use and cures quickly. It reproduces fine detail and makes an excellent temporary mold – good for one or two reproductions of any body part. You can then cast plaster, Matrix® NEO® (polymer modified gypsum) or Smooth-Cast® 300Q ultra-fast urethane resin into the mold to make a reproduction. For making re-usable molds of any body part, use Body Double® silicone rubber.

Alja-Safe™ is skin safe and certified by an independent laboratory.

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Crystalline Silica-Free Alginate for Molding Body Parts
How Does It Work?
3 lb 3 lbs. 3411
20 lb 20 lbs. 19428
50 lb 50 lbs. 45870

Lifecasting Alja-Safe Starter Kit

Includes everything you need to make a mold and casting of a hand or similar body part.
Starter Kit 3 lbs. 2679