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Sprayable Rubber & Plastic

When undertaking a large scale project or many small scale projects at once, it may be beneficial to use a sprayable material. Reynolds carries a versatile line of sprayable rubbers, plastics and foams. We carry the EZ~Spray, Jr. spray system, which is an easy to use, inexpensive alternative to buying complicated and expensive equipment. Because The EZ~Spray system is for very specific projects, we recommend that you discuss your project with your local Reynolds Advanced Materials support team before investing in this system.

Popular Products

> EZ-Spray® Silicone 20 & 22

Sprayable silicones effective at making fast, cost effective molds and vacuum bags for producing composite parts.

> EZ-Spray® Silicone 35

Platinum cure silicone rubber developed for spraying using the EZ~Spray® Jr Spray Gun

> EZ-Spray® 45

Sprayable, durable urethane mold rubber which allows for casting a variety of materials.

> EZ-Spray® Jr Gun

Spray system for spraying 1500 ml cartridges of EZ~Spray® coating, mold making and casting materials.

> EZ-Spray® Plastic

Sprayable urethane plastic compound formulated for the EZ-Spray® Jr. Spray System.

> EZ-Spray® Foam

Rigid foam sprayed using Smooth-On’s EZ~Spray® Jr. System

> EZ-Spray® StyroCoat

Flame-Rated sprayable polyurethane plastic formulated to coat a variety of surfaces