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EZ-Spray® 45

Sprayable Urethane Rubber Compound

EZ-Spray® 45 sprays easily, using the EZ-Spray® Junior Cartridge System, onto vertical surfaces for making molds and is good for making fast molds of large surface areas. After a suitable thickness is attained, EZ-Spray® 45 cures overnight with negligible shrinkage to a durable mold rubber. Application of a support shell is achieved by spraying Smooth-On’s EZ-Spray® Plastic over the rubber mold after it has fully cured. Once a support shell is applied, you may cast a variety of materials including wax, gypsum, urethane and epoxy resins, and concrete.


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alertA release agent is required to remove cured urethane rubber from most surfaces.
alertMany surfaces need to be sealed before applying urethane rubber.
alertThis material is for use in the EZ-Spray, Jr. dispensing gun, sold separately.