EZ-Spray Silicone 20 & 22

Sprayable Silicone Rubbers

EZ~Spray® Silicone 20 and 22 are sprayable silicones which cure quickly with high elongation and tear strength. Sprayed with the EZ~Spray® Jr Cartridge System, EZ~Spray® Silicone 20 and 22 are good for production casting of polyester, epoxy or urethane resins, gypsum, concrete and other materials. They are effective at making fast, cost effective vacuum bags for producing composite parts. Newly sprayed or injected bags can be removed from the mold in a matter of minutes and used immediately in production with polyester or epoxy resin systems. These production-ready silicone bags can be made, used, and re-used quickly resulting in significant time and labor savings. These Bags are also Chemically Resistant and Thermally Stable, Heat Resistant Up To 500°F/260°C.

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EZ~Spray™ Silicone 20

Sprayable silicone rubber
Case of 5 18.75 lbs. 4403665878
5 Gallon Unit 80 lbs. 1,056621,58070

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