Free Form Habitat Fire Safe

Flame Rated Epoxy Putty

Free Form® Habitat® Fire Safe® epoxy putty is a high density epoxy sculpting putty that is flame rated (E84, Class A). Habitat® Fire Safe® is solvent-free and contains no VOC’s.  Epoxy cures to a very hard, flame and heat resistant material that is easily painted. Habitat® Fire Safe® does not contain any carcinogens (cancer causing agents). Free Form® Habitat® Fire Safe® is suitable for interior and exterior theming applications and general sculpting. It is also certified ‘aquarium safe’ and is used by aquariums and zoos to make hyper-realistic trees, vines, rocks, coral and other display elements. Use with Habitat® Folding Powder – fold powder into epoxy putty to thicken and reduce stickiness and makes the epoxy more handle-able.

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ProductSizeNet WeightPrice

Free Form Habitat Fire Safe with Folding Powder

Mix-By-Hand Epoxy Putty. Includes Folding Powder.
Trial Unit 4.2 lbs. 4764

Free Form Habitat Fire Safe

Mix-By-Hand Epoxy Putty. Folding Powder sold separately.
Gallon Unit 20 lbs. 17900
5 Gallon Unit 100 lbs. 78157

Habitat Folding Powder

Used to reduce stickiness, thicken and reduce sag in Free Form Habitat.
1.5 lb 1.5 lbs. 1318
8 lb 8 lbs. 6400