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Free Form® AIR

Lightweight Epoxy Putty

Free Form® AIR is an extremely lightweight epoxy putty suitable for an infinite variety of industrial and art-related applications. This low-odor, low shrinkage putty is unique, inexpensive, and easy to use. Use to make rigid support shells or mother molds, as a filleting material in epoxy tooling, or in between layers of EpoxAmite® and reinforcement fabric for making lightweight composite parts. Free Form® AIR is so lightweight, it will float in water. It can be sanded, shaped, drilled, tapped and CNC machined/routered. It will readily accept any paint. Free Form® AIR can also be color pigmented with SO-Strong®, UVO® or Ignite® colorants.


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Free Form AIR
Lightweight epoxy putty MIX RATIO: 1A:1B by volume; POT LIFE & CURE TIME: dependant on thickness; HARDNESS: 50D; COLOR: Grey
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alertA release agent is required to remove epoxy from most surfaces.