Sculptures that Look Good Enough To Eat

Published November 19, 2019

Walking through the Hartsfield Jackson International Airport, between Gates T12 and T16 you might stumble across a stacked collage of rainbow ice cream melting right off the cones. In fact, this is not ice cream at all, but the work of artist and sculptor Jourdan Joly.

Jourdan Joly’s Faded was specifically created for the gallery show, Art in the ATL. The bright and playful sculpture of the melting ice cream which seems as if it is suspended in time pops and intrigues people’s interest by capturing a moment from the ephemeral image of ice cream through resin mediums.

Originally, Jourdan created a few ice-cream pieces while in graduate school, the work had a great response and so he continued to develop his work and push it further. Now Jourdan primarily focuses on the ice cream resin sculptures which are constructed for installations, individual pieces for sale, and custom commissions.

At first his processes involved plaster that was cast into a Smooth-On Rebound™ 25 platinum silicone mold to get the ice cream scoop shapes, but as Jourdan’s body of work progressed, he began using combination of Smooth-Cast™ 300 and UVO™ pigments to recreate pieces that were strong, fast setting, colorful and easily reproducible for production. 

Jourdan now uses Mold Star™ Mold Max™ and Rebound™ series silicones for his molds to create these delightfully delicious sculptures.

“I have always enjoyed Smooth-On products! They are easy to use and give great results! I recommend Smooth-On materials as they are great for any and all level of artist, hobbyist to professional!” – Jourdan Joly

Check out more of Jourdan Joly’s work at and on Instagram @jourdanjoly