Jurassic Merman Productions: How Wesley Croft Turned His Mermaid Passion into a Career

Published February 2, 2024

Wesley Croft, founder of Jurassic Merman Productions, has transformed his lifelong passion for mermaids into a thriving business. Wesley's journey began with a love for sculpting and art, a hobby that provided solace, especially after a car accident left him with spinal injuries. Swimming, particularly as a merman, became a therapeutic outlet for him, blending his interests in free diving and mermaids.

Certified in PADI Free Dive and Mermaid Advanced, Wesley's dedication led him to sculpt thousands of scales for his own merman tail while working for an insurance company. When the pandemic hit, Wesley seized the opportunity to pursue his dreams full-time, thanks to the encouragement of his husband, Mike Croft.

Jurassic Merman Productions, co-founded with Mike, now offers a variety of mermaid products, including 17 fluke designs, scale sheets, and unique accessories like tridents and silicone sea creature pets. Their innovative Blue Ringed Octopus mermaid tail and the Fishi Flipper™, a Dragon Skin™ silicone monofin, stand out as signature creations. The Fishi Flipper™, designed with comfort and versatility in mind, addresses common issues found in traditional monofins and fits various tail types.

Wesley's creativity and persistence have not only led to a successful business but also to widespread recognition. He has appeared on Fox News, Netflix’s "MerPeople" documentary, won the Monarch’s International Merman award, and been featured on a book cover and in various magazines.

At the heart of Wesley's work is a commitment to bringing joy and inspiration through his art. His motto, “if you can dream it, we can do it!” encapsulates the spirit of Jurassic Merman Productions.

Discover more about Wesley's journey and creations at www.JurassicMerman.com and follow @JurassicMerman on Instagram.