Matrix Dryve™

Polymer Modified Gypsum UL-94V-O and ASTM E-84, Class A Flame Rated

Matrix Dryve™ is a versatile all-powder system that has superior physical and performance properties compared to regular gypsum products. It is an “all-powder” alternative to our original Matrix™ NEO powder/liquid system.

The mix ratio of Dryve™ is 3 parts Dryve™ powder to 1 part water by volume. Dryve™ can be cast solid, slush cast, rotationally cast, laid up by hand with chopped glass fiber or sprayed. Dryve™ can be thickened using Matrix™ Thickener, accelerated using Matrix™ Accelerator and slowed using Matrix™ Retarder. Fully cured pieces are strong, water-resistant and can be painted, sanded, machined and more. Suitable for public space applications including creating themed environment elements, architectural elements, sculpture and more.

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Matrix Dryve

Flame rated UL-94V-O and ASTM E-84, Class A polymer modified gypsum system. Mix ratio of 3 parts powder to 1 part water by volume.
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Gallon Unit 9 lbs. 4158
5 Gallon Unit 50 lbs. 17374

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