Industrial Liquid Rubber Compound

PMC®-790 is a Shore 90A industrial urethane rubber compound designed to meet the most stringent requirements of industrial production applications. It is a very hard rubber that offers superior tear and tensile strength as well as impact an abrasion resistance. PMC®-790 is suitable for a variety of industrial applications including making concrete stamping pads, mold liners and molds for casting concrete. PMC®-790 is also good for making ball mill liners, industrial rollers and belts, rubber mechanical parts and for bonding itself or other substrates to metal. PMC®-790 bushings are strong, durable pieces that provide superior wear resistance and outlast other OEM parts.


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Premium performance shore 90A hardness urethane rubber. 2A:1B by weight or volume mix ratio.
WARNING: Known to the state of CA to cause cancer, birth defects or reproductive harm -
Trial Unit 3 lbs. 41586220
Gallon Unit 24 lbs. 2174732534
5 Gallon Unit 120 lbs. 913721,36693

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