Compat 45

Urethane Moldmaking Rubber

Compat™ 45 urethane is a unique urethane mold rubber which will not inhibit the cure of most Smooth-On platinum or tin cure silicone rubbers. It features a low viscosity for easy mixing and pouring and cures with minimal bubble entrapment. Mix ratio is 1A:1B by weight or volume, pot life is 25 minutes and the rubber cures with an ultimate Shore hardness of Shore 45A. Cured rubber is dimensionally stable (low shrinkage), offers good wear resistance excellent library life.

Important; Do not use Ecoflex™ Gel, Ecoflex™ 00-10, Ecoflex™ Near Clear, Encapso-K, Rubber Glass™, Solaris™, Soma Foama™ or Sorta-Clear™ 12 or 37 with this product. They are not compatible and inhibition will result.

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Compat™ 45

Non-Inhibiting shore A 45 Hardness urethane rubber, 1A:1B By Volume.
WARNING: Known to the state of CA to cause cancer, birth defects or reproductive harm -
Trial Unit 2.18 lbs. 27544120
Gallon Unit 17.4 lbs. 1245118627
5 Gallon Unit 87 lbs. 5099676290

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