Simpact Series

Tough, Fast Setting Urethane

Simpact® series urethanes are low odor, fast-setting urethane elastomers which offers very high tear strength, impact resistance and wear resistance. Simpact® urethanes are phthalate free, mercury free and MOCA free. Simpact® urethanes pour easily and offer exceptional performance characteristics and dimensional stability. Simpact® urethanes can be colored with SO-Strong® or Ignite® colorants. Simpact® urethanes are suitable for making impact resistant props, prototypes and display pieces.

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Simpact 60A

Fast-setting Shore 60A urethane that offers very high impact resistance. 1A:1B By Volume Mix Ratio
How Does It Work?
Trial Unit 1.94 lbs. 2923
Gallon Unit 15.5 lbs. 16653
5 Gallon Unit 77.5 lbs. 72953

Simpact 80A

Fast-setting Shore 80A urethane that offers very high impact resistance. 100A:60B By Weight Mix Ratio
Trial Unit 2.56 lbs. 6199
Gallon Unit 12.8 lbs. 23181
5 Gallon Unit 64 lbs. 1,06560

Simpact 85A

Fast-setting Shore 85A urethane that offers very high impact resistance. 85A:100B By Weight Mix Ratio - Scale Required.
How Does It Work?
WARNING: Known to the state of CA to cause cancer, birth defects or reproductive harm -
Trial Unit 1.7 lbs. 2465
Gallon Unit 13.6 lbs. 14107
5 Gallon Unit 74 lbs. 61972

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