Los Angeles Community Stories

Engineering Empowerment: How a Biomedical Class Inspired a Life-Changing Prosthetic Project

Maggie Collier's life took an unexpected turn during a spring day in her biomedical engineering class, taught by David Laiho. (read more)

Ashley Flowers Turns a Bathroom Floor Into a Beautiful Beach Scene

Reynolds – Burbank customer Ashley Flowers usually spends her time creating props for theater and film. Ashley has been using Smooth-On materials as her go-to product line when creating her props and personal projects. (read more)

Special Effects Artist Mario Torres Creates Unique Masks During COVID-19

Mario Torres, along with many other artists that work in the film industry had their work almost come to a halt when the COVID-19 crisis struck. Mario has been creating special makeup effects for over 26 years as a sculptor, painter, and art director for major effects studios such as Stan Winston Studios, Legacy Effects, and Rick Baker’s Cinovation (read more)

Karen Wang Casts Gorgeous Crystal Clear Resin Dice

Karen Wang is the creator of Dispel Dice, the highest-funded dice Kickstarter to date. She uses resin to create beautiful, unique sharp-edged dice with high clarity and inclusions. (read more)

Feather River Fish Hatchery restores fiberglass fish with EpoxAcast™ 670

In Oroville, California the California Department of Water Resources, Exhibits and Education restored the sun-damaged fiberglass fish at the Feather River Fish Hatchery using EpoxAcast™ 670. (read more)

Customer Spotlight: Breaking the Mold of Adaptive Aids with EazyHold

Reynolds – Los Angeles customer breaks the mold of adaptive aids, introduces revolutionary silicone grip assistance technology using Smooth-On materials. (read more)

Innovating with Teachers at Cal Poly Teacher Conference

A few weeks ago, Reynolds Advanced Materials in Los Angeles was invited to Cal Poly’s San Luis Summer Teacher’s Conference. Attendees were teachers from the high school to college level with different vocational backgrounds. (read more)

Customer Spotlight – Al Navas Pt. 2

Reynolds – Los Angeles’ customer spotlight focuses again on artist Al Navas and his most recent creation. Recently, Al was featured for his turtle sculpture he created for his wife, seen here. He has created a new sculpture that captures the beauty of a jellyfish. (read more)

Customer Spotlight – Al Navas

The Reynolds Advanced Materials – Los Angeles spotlight focuses on customer Dr. Al Navas. By day, Dr. Navas is a dentist in Long Beach, California. For over 30 years, Dr. Navas has also been a sculptor of stone and bronze. Dr. Navas’s hobby as a sculptor has landed him the opportunities to exhibit his pieces in Laguna Beach, California, and he has won the art Competition at the Orange County Fair. (read more)

Customer Spotlight – Paul Miller

Reynolds Advanced Materials – Los Angeles spotlight is shining bright on sculptor and prop builder Paul Miller. (read more)

A Monster of a Good Time at Reynolds – Los Angeles

On Sept. 6, 2014, Reynolds Advanced Materials – Los Angeles held their second annual RAM FAN event; special effects makeup artist, Steve Prouty headlined the event with a live demonstration that turned quite monstrous! (read more)

Customer Spotlight – Steve Reuter

Reynolds Advanced Materials in Los Angeles is shining their customer spotlight on puppetmaker Steve Reuter. Steve is a ventriloquist, artist and sculptor. He is also a magician member of the Academy of Magical Arts. (read more)

Customer Spotlight- Monster City Studios

Our Los Angeles branch has their spotlight shining bright on Monster City Studios (MCS). MCS is located right in the middle of California’s Central Valley. They have created themed environments, custom large scale characters, and props for the entertainment industry as well museums and private client for over 15 years. (read more)

How To Make a Gory Hand Prop for Halloween!

We visit Frank Ippolito’s shop to learn about making ultra-realistic fake hands as Halloween props. Frank walks us through the step-by-step process of molding your own hand and making a silicone casting, and then cutting and painting up the fake hand to look realistically gory. (read more)

Cal Poly Rewarded Second Place in ASCE National Concrete Canoe Competition

California Poly-technical University (Cal Poly), recently participated in this year’s national ASCE competition for concrete canoes, which was held at Pittsburgh University’s Jamestown location. (read more)

Lifecasting Seminar In Los Angeles

Reynolds – Los Angeles held their latest installment of their intro to Lifecasting Seminar last week. The daytime seminar drew a sold out crowd of over 35 people. These full-day seminars give an opportunity for novices who have a desire to work with our materials a chance to learn how-to use them. (read more)

Customer Project Spotlight – Kaleb Hoppe

Reynolds Advanced Materials in Los Angeles has their spotlight focused on Kaleb Ryan Hoppe, a sculptor who just completed his first commissioned job. Kaleb utilized Reynolds Advanced Materials in Los Angeles as his full-line distributor for information and materials. (read more)

New Decopage How-To Video from the Reynolds L.A. Staff

This video demonstrates how to decoupage a table, and create a high gloss, bubble free surface using Tarbender® epoxy. You can do it yourself with these easy DIY instructions! (read more)

Customer Spotlight – Classic Hardware by Karyn Cantor

Classic Hardware by Karyn Cantor is a vintage inspired jewelry and accessories company established in 1995. Classic Hardware is best known for their Retrolite® and image-based jewelry, as well as their eye-catching vanity cases. The Retrolite® jewelry collection is her homage to her love of the collectible Bakelite jewelry from the 1920’s.Tempting like candy with a bit of edginess, just like all of Classic Hardware -Accessories with Class and Sass! (read more)

Oregon Museum of Science and Industry reaches out to Reynolds – Los Angeles

The Oregon Museum of Science and Industry (OMSI) hosted a design/engineering summer class for high school to college aged kids. During the class, these children sculpted sneaker soles with different treads. (read more)

Customer Spotlight – Immortal Masks

Immortal Masks was established in November of 2010 and is owned by Andrew and Michelle Freeman and George Frangadakis. Between Andrew’s work as an Hollywood Effects Artist and George’s experience as an Effects Supervisor, they have put together a team of some of the best working artists in the Film, Theme Park and Haunted Attraction industries. (read more)

Reynolds LA August 2014 Mold Making Seminar Photos

The Los Angeles Reynolds location hosted a full house Basic Mold Making Seminar on Aug 14th. These full-day seminars cover the basics of moldmaking and casting. (read more)

Customer Spotlight – Lange Concepts

Josh Lange, of Lange Concepts, designs and builds one-off supercars, specializing in part/mold design and fabrication. Materials from carbon fiber to leaded crystal are used to build custom designs for himself and clients. The products and helpful staff at Reynolds Advanced Materials are a key component in Lange achieving outstanding results. (read more)

The Curious Silicone Sculptures Of Sam Barnett

Sam Barnett is an animator, sculptor, and artist whose work is primarily made using silicone materials. Sam creates unique silicone sculptures which gained momentum with the creation of his “All-Seeing Lemon”, who can “see all things in all places in all times”. (read more)

Customer Spotlight – Monster Movie Moggy Creatures

Reynolds Advanced Materials – Los Angeles has their January customer spotlight focused on Scott Frazelle and his independent film Moggy Creatures – a tale in which a stray cat and its kittens are taken into a home, but the kittens are not what you would think. (read more)

Customer Spotlight – Pretty In Plastic

Reynolds Advanced Materials – Los Angeles is focusing our customer spotlight on Pretty in Plastic. Pretty in Plastic is a full fabrication shop located in North Hollywood. The company is run by artists for artists, allowing for close business to consumer connections. (read more)

Introducing The 'Clays For Makers' Material Spotlights

Learn about these NEW events where Chavant Brand Manager Janessa Porter takes you on a hands-on tour of different clays and how they best align to your unique workflows. (read more)

Customer Spotlight – Small Wonders

Reynolds Advanced Materials – Los Angeles’s Spotlight is on Small Wonders by Kyla. Small Wonders creates and specializes in making life like silicone babies. Kayla Siegel, studied art at the Florence Academy in Italy, and the Art Students League of New York, where she met Michael, her husband and co-owner. In 2011, Kyla began sculpting babies for the doll industry. (read more)