The Curious Silicone Sculptures Of Sam Barnett


Sam Barnett is an animator, sculptor, and artist whose work is primarily made using silicone materials. Sam creates unique silicone sculptures which gained momentum with the creation of his “All-Seeing Lemon”, who can “see all things in all places in all times”.

Sam took an interest in mold making and casting when he needed to sculpt the head of the protagonist for his stop motion web series, Operator. He started off creating rigid molds from plaster and casted the head in foam latex. Sam had functional results, but they required a large amount of post cleanup work.

By episode three of Operator, which was released a full decade after the first, Sam’s skills had improved significantly. He began making molds using Mold Star™ 15 platinum silicone and casting the heads and hands of his puppets using SORTA Clear™ platinum silicone which resulted in perfectly detailed replications of his sculptures.

Over the last decade of working with molds and silicone to create pieces for his stop motion puppets and sets, silicone art pieces became more and more of his primary focus, and is now his full-time job.  When not animating, Sam uses Body Double™  platinum silicone to create life casts and finds it to be the best material to use for creating his life-cast molds.

Since the creation of his “All-Seeing Lemon”, Sam is thrilled to see the strong reactions they have invoked, particularly when spectators pick them up and move the eye around. Reactions range from finding them disgusting, to cute, to scary. Silicone brings Sam’s sculptures to life and keeps them firmly planted in the uncanny valley. Smooth-On silicone materials purchased from Reynolds Advanced Materials keep the production of the citrus omniscience running smoothly.

You can find all the various “All Seeing” art objects and pose-able silicone hands at

TikTok: @operator_web_series

Instagram: @siliconesound