Karen Wang Casts Gorgeous Crystal Clear Resin Dice

Published July 7, 2020

Karen Wang is the creator of Dispel Dice, the highest-funded dice Kickstarter to date. She uses resin to create beautiful, unique sharp-edged dice with high clarity and inclusions. Karen came to Reynolds Advanced Materials at the start of her dice making journey, having only ever worked with resin once before, and started asking questions about a project she had in mind to create dice for personal use in her Dungeons & Dragons campaign. At their suggestion, she began using Crystal Clear™ 202, Mold Star™ 30 and Mold Star 16, along with helpful guidance from Reynolds Advanced Materials’ staff to begin learning how to make sharp-edged dice. Karen enjoys using materials from Reynolds Advanced Materials at home for rapid prototyping of new dice designs.

You can visit Dispel Dice on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/dispeldice/