Ashley Flowers Turns a Bathroom Floor Into a Beautiful Beach Scene

Published December 7, 2020

Reynolds – Burbank customer Ashley Flowers usually spends her time creating props for theater and film.  Ashley has been using Smooth-On materials as her go-to product line when creating her props and personal projects.

 Ashley came to Reynolds Advanced Materials when she needed assistance on choosing a material for a commissioned project for a client, turning a bathroom floor into something beautiful.

The project took around 5 days to complete. Using Tarbender™ Epoxy, she added real sand and So-Strong™ tints, carefully applying layer after layer until the bathroom floor eventually looked look a beautiful beachfront retreat.

 Ashley studied at Yale University, where she worked as the assistant theatrical propmaster. She now resides in Los Angeles and does a variety of projects as a freelance artist for film, theater, and personal art installations.

 To learn more about Ashley and her projects visit her website at or on Instagram at @NadeanArtistry