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Smooth-Cast® 385

Mineral Filled Liquid Plastic

Smooth-Cast® 385 is a casting resin that is very hard and durable. The material cures at room temperature with virtually no shrinkage with high compressive and flexural strength characteristics. Fully cured castings are tough, machinable, paintable and resist moisture and mild solvents. Smooth-Cast® 385 is ideal for making industrial production parts, foundry patterns, vacuum forming molds, and some ceramic applications.


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Smooth-Cast 385
Slow-setting Shore 85D very rigid beige liquid plastic. 1A:5B by weight mix ratio - scale required.
How Does It Work?WARNING: Prop 65 NoticeWARNING: Known to the state of CA to cause cancer, birth defects or reproductive harm -
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alertA release agent is required to remove cured urethane plastic from most surfaces.
alertThis material has a by-weight mix ratio. An accurate gram scale is recommended.
alert55-Gallon Drum size units are available for this material. Contact Us for purchase inquiries.