Epsilon PRO

Impact Resistant EPS Foam Coating

Epsilon® PRO is a thixotropic epoxy coating that self-thickens for brushing onto a variety of surfaces. Compared to original Epsilon®, Epsilon® PRO offers a longer working time and better impact resistance. Mix ratio for Epsilon® PRO is 2A:1B by volume. A gram scale is not needed to use this product. Epsilon® PRO is suitable for use as a protective, impact resistant coating for EPS or polyurethane foam. It can also be applied to plaster, concrete, wood and fabrics. This product is not sensitive to moisture / humidity and contains no VOC’s.

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Epsilon PRO

Impact Resistant EPS Foam Coating.
How Does It Work?
Trial Unit 1.44 lbs. 3196
Gallon Unit 11.5 lbs. 19786
5 Gallon Unit 64.8 lbs. 1,00881

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