Why did we create an FAQ list?

Article courtesy of Smooth-On, Inc.

Smooth-On receives many calls daily from people just like you searching for answers relating to general mold making and casting. Our technicians also have a wealth of experience by virtue of being exposed to many different scenarios and in actually using these materials regularly.

We've compiled a list of commonly asked questions relating to mold making and casting that we hope you can benefit from.

First Time Using These Materials?

You will want to know that you can do amazing things with mold rubber and casting materials and they are used for a seemingly infinite number of applications.

Today's mold rubbers allow you to capture perfect detail from any original model. Once you have the rubber mold, you can pour a variety of materials into the mold (gypsum, plastic, wax, foam, etc.) to make one or more copies of the original.

In making a mold of any model, you will encounter many variables that will affect your outcome. Accordingly, there is a lot that can go wrong. Many first-time mold makers / casters underestimate the task ahead and are disappointed when their mold or casting don't turn out as expected.

The key to being successful is patience, perseverance and information, information, information. You want to arm yourself with as much information as you can about mold making and casting methods, materials, etc. before you buy anything. Reading instructional literature or viewing mold making and casting videos available from Smooth-On is a good start.

Most Important — Read The Technical Bulletin.

If something goes wrong, you end up losing the material and the time you invested to make the mold – at the very least! You are also faced with having to buy material and doing it all over again (labor). Make sure that you read and understand the technical bulletin for the product you are using before you begin. If you are unsure about anything, it is better not to start. Contact Smooth-On technical help with your questions.


This FAQ article is offered as a guideline and offers possible solutions to problems encountered during mold making and casting. No warranty is implied and it is up to the end user to determine suitability for any specific application. Always refer to the provided Technical Bulletins (TB) & Safety Data Sheets (SDS) before using any material. A small scale test is suggested to determine suitability of any recommendation before trying on a larger scale for any application.