Denver Community Stories

Reynolds - Denver Hosts Their July Basics Of Moldmaking and Casting Seminar

The Denver Reynolds Advanced Materials location hosted their July seminar on the basics of moldmaking and casting for a full house of attendees. During the seminar, attendees learned about the different types of materials Reynolds offers, types of molds, and how to create them. (read more)

Customer Spotlight: Corey Coleman and Dummy Face

Reynolds – Denver customer Corey Coleman is the man behind Dummy Face. (read more)

Customer Spotlight – Brett Curtis

“The thrill of taking an idea and concept and molding it into something that is tangible; that thrill never gets old.” – Brett Curtis. Reynolds Advanced Materials in Denver is excited to have discovered and is honored to introduce craftsman and artist Brett Curtis and his company Stampede Studios. Brett, for the past 25 years has been a mechanic in a body shop and has always enjoyed working with his hands. He found in his spare time that he likes to sculpt using clay, as he feels it is a natural transition. (read more)

Customer Spotlight – Jon Watson

Reynolds – Denver has their spotlight focused on Jon Watson. Jon is a customer who has been created pieces for our showroom and our tradeshow appearances. (read more)

Customer Spotlight – Donna Merchant-Crooks

Reynolds – Denver customer Donna Merchant-Cooks is in our latest Customer Spotlight! Donna recently created some incredible art pieces for the Thingamajig Theater. Donna worked closely with our outside technician Karlee. Many of Smooth-On’s wide variety of Habitat Epoxy Putty materials were used in the creation of these pieces. (read more)

Racing to an Eco-friendly World with Colorado University at Boulder

Reynolds Advanced Materials – Denver has their spotlight focused on Colorado University at Boulder’s Eco-Marathon team. The team has been working closely with Reynolds – Denver on picking mind-blowing materials which helped the team succeed in their capstone project. Their eco-friendly vehicle was created using CNC carved foam coated with Smooth-On’s Epsilon® (EPS Foam Coating Epoxy); the body parts and steering wheel were also coated with Epsilon® and then reinforced with woven burlap for strength. (read more)

Recent Mold Making Seminar Excites Sold Out Crowd

Reynolds – Denver recently hosted one of their nationally renown “Basics of Mold Making and Casting” seminars last week to a sold out crowd. Ambitious to learn, the 20+ patrons were treated to a keynote discussion, videos and demonstrations of various techniques and materials. (read more)

Reynolds – Denver Hosts a Sold Out Seminar Crowd

Reynolds – Denver held their Intro to Mold Making and Casting Seminar last week and the turnout was anything less than impressive. The eager to learn crowd of over 30 people brought their projects and moldmaking questions. (read more)

Making Music with Reynolds Advanced Materials

It is our pleasure to introduce the Kickstarter: Klos Guitars (KG). KG manufactures “the ultimate durable, affordable, and comfortable carbon fiber travel guitar.” KG was founded this past winter by Ian Klosowiak and Adam Klosowiak; after they found the cold air from an opened window cracked their wooden bodied guitars. (read more)

Introducing The 'Clays For Makers' Material Spotlights

Learn about these NEW events where Chavant Brand Manager Janessa Porter takes you on a hands-on tour of different clays and how they best align to your unique workflows. (read more)

Canon City Apple Blossom Festival Awards by CCI Sign Shop

These band awards were created for the Canon City Apple Blossom Music Festival by the CCI Sign Shop in Canon City, Colorado. (read more)

Customer Spotlight – Xentric Guitars

Xentric Guitars specializes in custom hand crafted and painted electric guitars. Since Xentric Guitars was founded by Justin Edwards in 2012, they have been constantly working to achieve the highest quality and best service possible (read more)

November Introduction to Moldmaking Seminar at Reynolds – Denver

The Denver Reynolds location hosted a full house Basic Mold Making Seminar on November 22nd. These full-day seminars cover the basics of moldmaking and casting. We use slides, video and demonstrations of various techniques and materials to maximize your learning experience. Questions about your projects are welcome. Reynolds provides lunch and light refreshments. (read more)

Kiddie Rides USA – From Imagination To Showroom Floor

Kiddie Rides USA is the last stand-alone kiddie ride company left in America. The shop offers complete custom sculpting, fiberglass/silicone mold making and fiberglass casting services for ANY special, one of kind project. (read more)

Reynolds Denver Opens Its Doors For a Night of Learning, Food and Fun!

Our Denver location hosted their RAM FAN Open house last week, to a crowd of over 100 guests. Guests were able to meet new people from around the area with similar interests as they learn about all of the materials Reynolds has to offer. Demonstrations of the moldmaking, casting and special effects materials we carry were held throughout the event. (read more)