The Creative Journey of Selman Markovic and Shadow Studio FX

Published December 14, 2023

Selman Markovic has over 12 years of experience in the special effects industry. His journey began with a simple desire to create a Batman™ costume for Halloween. Today, he's turned this hobby into a thriving small business. His impressive mold library, nearing 300 items, possibly constitutes the largest collection of Batman™ costumes and cowls. Selman's portfolio also includes creations like Ahsoka Tano headdresses, Grinch™ mask prosthetics, Ninja Turtle™ suits, and many more.

For this past Halloween, Selman expanded his collection with a new line of horror masks, collaborating with Emmy Award winner Eric Garcia, known for his work on “Vecna” in Stranger Things™. The new collection features two versions of Pennywise, Jack Skellington & Sally, Frankenstein, Silent Hill Nurses, Pumpkin King, Demon Bat, among others. Alongside airbrush artist Orlando Pagan, these pieces are brought to life with vibrant colors using Psycho Paint™ and Maker Pro Paints™.

Selman also caters to celebrity clients in Hollywood, including a Batman™ suit for P. Diddy's production “The Darkest Night”. And has worked on projects for celebrities, including Vin Diesel, Kevin Conroy, and many more.

Beyond Hollywood, Selman is actively involved in charitable work. He supports organizations like Base Camp and Runway to Hope, which assist children with cancer. He often visits hospitals dressed as superheroes and donates costumes for charity auctions.

Shadow Studio FX, Selman's company, uses a wide range of Smooth-On Products for their creations. These include Rebound™ series platinum silicone rubber for molds, Free Form™ Air epoxy putty for support shells, Vytaflex™ series urethane rubbers, Foam-iT!™ and Flex Foam-iT!™ series urethane foams and much more from Reynolds - Orlando.

To discover more about Shadow Studio FX, visit their website at

You can also follow them on social media: Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok under the handle @Shadowstudiofx.