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THI-VEX® Silicone Thickener

Thixotropic Agent for Thickening Smooth-On Silicone Rubbers

THI-VEX® Silicone Thickener is a liquid additive made especially for thickening Smooth-On’s Mold Max® Series (tin catalyst), Smooth-Sil® Series (platinum catalyst) Rebound® 25 (platinum catalyst) and Dragon Skin® Series (platinum catalyst) silicone for vertical surface application (making brush-on molds). Different viscosities can be attained by varying the amount of THI-VEX®.

NOTE: THI-VEX® is not compatible with Mold Max® 40, Mold Max® 60 or OOMOO® silicone rubbers. THI-VEX® is added as a percentage of Part A and must be thoroughly mixed with Parts A and B.


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Thickening Agent For Silicone Rubbers.
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