Reynolds – Orlando hosts an Informative Spotlight on Fillers, Colorants and Tints

Published September 17, 2019

On September, Friday 13th 2019, Reynolds-Orlando held their Materials Spotlight reviewing and demonstrating the different types and uses of Fillers, Colorants and Tints. Participants learned the differences between colorants available such as UVO™SO-Strong™, and Silc Pig™ and the different applications they can be used for. Cast Magic™ and Metal Powders were used in a demonstration on how to create different metal effects, Quarry Tone™ was also used to show different stone effects. Participants learned the techniques used to create a marble effect using URE-FIL™ 7 and SO-Strong™ colorants, different ways to achieve wood effects and the difference between Glow Worm™ Powders, Cryptolyte™Silc Pig™ Electrics and Ignite™ colorants to create illuminated effects.