Mr. Stubbs the Alligator Receives New Tail Thanks To Materials from Reynolds – Phoenix

Published July 23, 2015

Have you heard of Mr. Stubbs? Mr. Stubbs is a 13-year-old alligator that was born without a tail. He currently lives at the Phoenix Herpetological Society, under the care of Debbie Gibson, Vice President of the non-profit organization.


Gibson reached out to Smooth-On’s Technical Support team to discuss a very interesting project. Mr. Stubbs was due for another prosthetic tail since he out grew his first prosthetic one, created 2 years ago. To create this new tail, the Herpetological Society would be undertaking a full reconstruction for a custom fit.  The society’s members created a lifecast of Mr. Stubbs using Body Double Standard and Fast Set materials. Once the lifecasting process was complete, the society’s team members looked to Smooth-On’s Dragon Skin silicone rubber and Smooth-Cast 380, a urethane resin, to create the final prosthetic. Reynolds Advanced Materials – Phoenix stepped in to help supply the materials. Mr. Stubbs’s new tail is currently undergoing final fittings by the by the society.  Check out these behind the scenes photos: