Idea 23 – Unique Keyboards for Unique People

Published May 3, 2018

Idea 23 makes custom keycaps for computer keyboards.  These keycaps allow people to express their own personal style while gaming or working.When Idea 23 started making keycaps they tried different resins and silicones before deciding on Smooth-On resins, supplied by Reynolds – Detroit.  Currently they make keycaps using two part silicone molds and one part molds with an aluminum tool as the second part. They have recently begun making molds and castings for larger items like keyboard cases. For testing, they prefer quick curing silicones such as Mold Star™ 20T and Ecoflex™ 00-35. For larger scale prototyping, they use VytaFlex™ and ReoFlex™ urethane rubbers to reduce costs and to test materials not suitable for silicone molds. They commonly use Smooth-Cast™, TASK™ and Crystal Clear™ urethane resins. They also plan to make items out of Buddy Rhodes artisan concrete mix in the future!  For more information or to order, visit or follow @idea23 on Instagram.