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Heat Resistant Polyurethane Resin

TASK® 8 is a heat resistant polyurethane resin system made specifically for prototyping / casting applications which require thermal resistance of up to 263°F /129°C. TASK® 8 offers the convenience of a 1A:1B mix ratio and has a very low viscosity, so it is easy to mix and pour. Plastic cures quickly to a Shore 80D and exhibits good physical and performance properties. Heat curing this material is necessary to attain optimal heat resistance.


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Fast-Setting Tan Liquid Plastic. 1A:1B By Volume Mix Ratio. Post Curing Produces a Heat Resistant Casting.
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alertA release agent is required to remove cured urethane plastic from most surfaces.
alert55-Gallon Drum size units are available for this material. Contact Us for purchase inquiries.