Soma Foama Silicone Foam

Flexible Silicone Foams

Soma Foama® 15 & 25 are soft, two-component platinum silicone flexible foams that are versatile, easy to use and can be poured into a mold or over other surfaces. Compatible with platinum silicone rubbers, cured foam has high heat resistance (up to 350°F / 176°C), are water resistant, UV resistant, and resists oxidation and ozone degradation. They can be used for a variety of industrial and special effects applications including making foam filled appliances, padding/seat cushioning, orthotics/orthopedics, potting and encapsulation of electrical circuits and vibration dampening.

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ProductSizeNet WeightPrice

Soma Foama 15

Platinum silicone foam
Trial Unit 3 lbs. 61019127
Gallon Unit 23.5 lbs. 3533452860

Soma Foama 25

Platinum silicone foam
Trial Unit 2 lbs. 37655632
Gallon Unit 16 lbs. 2302834450

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