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Liquid Surface Tension Diffuser

SLIDE® STD Liquid Surface Tension Diffuser is an additive for platinum cure silicone rubber that creates a cured silicone piece with greatly reduced surface tension. Cured silicone slides across itself and different surfaces. SLIDE® STD is added as a percentage of Part B. and the silicone surface must be exposed to air for 24 hours to bring out slide effect. Due to its ultra-low surface tension, SLIDE® STD is ideal for creating silicone masks as it allows for ease of motion when cast silicone pieces need to glide over surfaces such as skin.

Note; Silicone will yellow over time. If yellowing is undesired, adding a Silc Pig® silicone pigment to the liquid rubber prior to mixing will color the silicone.

Warning – Allergen; people who are allergic to durian, tree nuts and tree nut derivatives or musk thistle seed should avoid contact with this product and cured pieces which contain this product.


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SLIDE Surface Tension Diffuser
Silicone rubber additive to lower surface friction of the rubber.
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