Free Form AIR Fire Safe

Flame Rated Mix & Apply-By-Hand Epoxy Dough

Free Form™ AIR Fire Safe is a lightweight epoxy putty that certifies to the highest flame rating available (E84, Class A). This is a low odor, low shrinkage putty that is unique, inexpensive and easy to use. Free Form™ AIR Fire Safe is mixed by hand with a 1A:1B by volume mix ratio. It offers a long working time and cures overnight at room temperature to a rigid epoxy that is very strong. It can be sanded, shaped and drilled. It will readily accept any paint. Free Form™ AIR Fire Safe can also be color pigmented with UVO™ or Ignite™ colorants.

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Free Form AIR Fire Safe

Lightweight epoxy putty MIX RATIO: 1A:1B by volume; POT LIFE & CURE TIME: dependent on thickness; HARDNESS: 73D; COLOR: Grey
Trial Unit 2.8 lbs. 37575620
Gallon Unit 11 lbs. 1133516957
5 Gallon Unit 55 lbs. 5108376420