Feather Lite

Lightweight Urethane Casting Resin

Feather Lite™ plastic is so lightweight, it actually floats in water! Cured plastic can be carved, machined, drilled, sanded, etc. Used for a variety of art or industrial design related applications including reproducing sculpture, making fishing lures, prototype model making, casting doll heads and figures, and more! Feather Lite™ can be pigmented with SO-Strong™ color tints prior to casting and finished castings can be painted. And because this product is low-density, it yields more plastic per pound/kg. than other casting resins, making the cost per casting low.

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Feather Lite

Extremely Lightweight Shore 58D Hardness Liquid Plastic. 1A:1B By Volume Mix Ratio - No Scale Required.
Trial Unit 2.5 lbs. 36815507
Gallon Unit 11 lbs. 985714746
5 Gallon Unit 55 lbs. 4426766223

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