EpoxAmite WHITE

Epoxy Laminating System

Easy-to-use liquid epoxy system formulated for a wide variety of fabrication applications. EpoxAmite™ White Laminating System is odorless and cures at room temperature. Cured epoxy displays exceptional physical and performance properties. It can be sanded, shaped, machined, drilled, tapped and painted.

EpoxAmite™ White Laminating System can be used with reinforcements such as S-Glass, E-Glass, Kevlar and Carbon fibers for lay-up& applications or composite parts. EpoxAmite™ White Resin can also be mixed with fillers such as fumed silica for gel coat applications. Urefil™ 3, Urefil™ 7 and other fillers can be added for fairing, filleting or bonding applications.

NOTE Base and Hardener sold separately.

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ProductSizeNet WeightPrice

EpoxAmite White - Part A

White Epoxy Laminating System
Quart Unit 2.5 lbs. 3835
Gallon Unit 10 lbs. 13039

101 FAST Hardener

Fast speed hardener for select Smooth-On Part A epoxies (see technical bulletin for pot life and cure times)
8 ounce 0.5 lb. 1895
Quart Unit 2 lbs. 4954

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